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Road Trip! Scavenger Hunt List

Going on a road trip? There’s a long road ahead, and you’ve packed it all – purchase doxycycline online: ✓. Snacks: ✓. Podcasts: ✓. Harmonica: ✓. Coffee: ✓. Audio Books: ✓.

… But a few hours in, the novelty wears off. The traffic thins. The playlist runs out. The books are putting you to sleep. Cell phone reception is scattered. Your body cannot physically handle any more coffee. And the scene outside has turned to nothing but flatness and pavement. It’s the 11th hour, and you’ve got Car Cabin Fever. Your resources have dried up and you’re JUST. PLAIN. BORED. You’re not alone – There’s a whole community hash tagging purchase doxycycline hyclate online.

It’s time for a Scavenger Hunt!

This is a great way to stimulate your mind & keep your eyes on the road. There’s a whole wide world right outside that window – use it! This can be played solo or with travel companions. I’ve compiled a list of 50 that should work in all 50 states – from Farmland BFE through the Dead Zone Desert! Enjoy, and keep on truckin’.

1. Abandoned Vehiclepurchase doxycycline online uk
2. Barn – Red
3. Bird
4. Boat (can be trailered)
5. Boulder
6. Bus – Charter
7. Bus – School
8. Church
9. Construction Cone
10. Construction Worker
11. Corn Field
12. Cow
13. Cow – Baby Calf
14. Dead Tree
15. Deer
16. Dirt Road
17. Fence
18. Flag – American
19. Flag – Sports Team
20. Graffiti
21. Hay Bail
22. Horse
23. Horse – White
24. House – Pink
25. Lake
26. License Plate (from at least 2 states away)
27. Light – Blinking Intersection
28. Mile Marker
29. Mobile Home
30. Motorcycle – Cruiser
31. Motorcycle – Sports Bike
32. Motel
33. Oil Tank Truck
34. Police Squad Car
35. Pond
36. River
37. Roadkill
38. RV
39. Silo
40. Sign – Animal Crossing
41. Sign – Interstate Symbol
42. Skid Marks from Tires
43. Solar Panels
44. Statue of an Animal
45. Storage Container on Top of a Car
46. Telephone Pole
47. Tumbleweed
48. Tractor Trailer – Blue
49. VW Bug
50. Windmill/Turbine

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