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100 Road Trip Songs

100 Road Trip Songs

August 31, 2012 // In Road Trips

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road with a car packed to the roof and nothing to think about besides the wind in your hair for the next several 100 (or 1000) miles. You’ve prepped, packed, said your goodbyes, and now it’s time for the most important item in your car besides the gas pedal – MUSIC.

Road trips are freeing, unpredictable, and at times downright insane. Besides an overdose of energy drinks, sometimes the only thing that’s going to get you through that 11th hour of pavement is the perfect playlist; A driving beat and a set of lyrics to sum up your adventure, moment by moment, mile by mile. Below is my prized collection of songs that I consider to be The Best 100 Roadtrip Songs. Pandora and The Top 40 will only get you so far. These are songs that speak to the traveler, the dreamer, the chaser. Songs you’ve heard in car commercials, in chase scenes, on tour buses; Songs about leaving, dreaming, and driving; about specific states or states of mind; A mixture of genres as random as the journey you’re about to experience. From the classics to the just plain weird, they’ve fueled me from coast to coast, through the deserts, and most likely contributed to that speeding ticket in Wisconsin. Enjoy:

1.    Ain’t No Sunshine – by Will Withers
2.    All my Life – by The Foo Fighers
3.    Always On The Run – by Lenny Kravitz
4.    American Woman – by Jimmy Hendrix
5.    Another One Bites The Dust vs. Da Funk – by Daft Punk (featuring Queen)
6.    Bad To The Bone – by George Thourogood
7.    Barracuda – by Heart
8.    Bidibodi Bidibu – by Bubbles
9.    Black Betty – by Blackfoot
10.     Black Dog – by Led Zeppelin
11.     Bohemian Rhapsody – by Queen
12.     Born on the Bayou – by Creedence Clearwater Revival
13.     Born To Run – by Bruce Springsteen
14.     The Boys of Summer – by Don Henley
15.     Bring Sally Up – by Moby
16.     California Dreaming – by The Beach Boys
17.     California Gurls – by Katy Perry
18.     Californication – by Red Hot Chili Peppers
19.     Carry On My Wayward Son – by Kansas
20.     Charmed Life – by Mick Jagger
21.     Cities in Dust – by Junkie XL
22.     Country Roads – by John Denver
23.     Crazy Bitch – by Buckcherry
24.     Crazy Train – by Ozzy Osborn
25.     Danger Zone – by Kenny Loggins
26.     Danger! High Voltage – by Electric Six
27.     Dani California – by Red Hot Chili Peppers
28.     The Devil Went Down to George – by Charlie Daniels Band
29.     Desert Rose – by Sting
30.     The Distance – Cake
31.     Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – by Santa Esmeralda
32.     Electric Worry – by Clutch
33.     Everything – by Buck Cherry
34.     Fast and the Furious Theme – The Fast and the Furious Soundtrack
35.     Fever (Remix) – by Adam Freeland (orig. Sarah Vaughan)
36.     Free – by Cat Power
37.     Galang – by M.I.A.
38.     Glad You Came – by The Wanted
39.     Goin’ Out West – by Tom Waits
40.     Good Feeling – by Flo Rida
41.     Goodnight And Go – by Imogen Heap
42.     Gypsy Woman – by Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions
43.     The Heinrich Maneaver – by Interpol
44.     Here I go Again – by White Snake
45.     Highway to Hell – by AC/DC
46.     Highway Star – by Deep Purple
47.     Hit the Road Jack – by Ray Charles
48.     Home – by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
49.     Hotel California – by The Eagles
50.     House of the Rising Sun – by The Rolling Stones
51.     How It Starts – by The Features
52.     Howlin’ For You – by The Black Keys
53.     I Can See Clearly Now – by Jimmy Cliff
54.     I Can’t Drive 55 – by Sammy Hagar
55.     I’m Shipping Up To Boston – by Drockick Murphys
56.     I’m A Ramblin’ Man – Waylon Jennings
57.     I’m in Miami Bitch – by LMFAO
58.     It’s My Life – by Bon Jovi
59.     I’ve Been Everywhere – by Johnny Cash
60.     Knights of Cydonia – by Muse
61.     Leaving the City – by G Love & Special Sauce
62.     Life is a Highway – by Tom Petty
63.     Lights – by Journey
64.     A Little Less Conversation–JXL Remix (orig. Elvis Presley)
65.     A Long December – by Counting Crows
66.     Low Rider – by War
67.     The Mob Goes Wild – by Clutch
68.     More Bounce in California – by Soul Kid #1
69.     Mustang Sally – by ZZ Top
70.     Nothing Left to Lose – by Mat Kearney
71.     On The Road Again – by Willie Nelson
72.     Paint it Black – by The Rolling Stones
73.     Paper Planes (DFA Remix) – by M.I.A.
74.     Pedal to the Metal – by Kazzer
75.     Pistelero – The Once Upon a Time in Mexico soundtrack
76.     The Pretender – by The Foo Fighters
77.     Proud Mary – by Ike & Tina Turner
78.     Pump It – by The Black Eyed Peas
79.     Radar Love – by Golden Earring
80.     Ramblin’ Man – by The Allman Brothers
81.     Red Right Hand – by Tom Waits
82.     Ring of Fire – by Johnny Cash
83.     Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) – by Alabama
84.     (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 – by Bobby Troup
85.     Runnin’ Down a Dream – by Tomy Petty & The Heartbreakers
86.     Running on Empty – by Jackson Browne
87.     Running with the Devil – by Van Halen
88.     Santa Monica – by Everclear
89.     She’s Long Gone – by The Black Keys
90.     Should I Stay or Should I Go – by The Clash
91.     Son’s Gonna Rise – by Citizen Cope
92.     Struggle – by Ringside
93.     Sweet Home Alabama – by Lynard Skynard
94.     The Sweetness – by Jimmy Eat World
95.     This is How I Roll – by Money Mark
96.     Wanted Dead or Alive – by Bon Jovi
97.     Wild Thing – by Steppenwolf
98.     Won’t Get Fooled Again – by The Who
99.     Wanderlust King – by Gogol Bordel
100. The Weight – The Band

Ride on!

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