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Kayak the Northern Shore

Kayak the Northern Shore

July 8, 2014 // In Ohio

It’s summer in Cleveland! It only lasts 3 months! What is there to do? Hey, what about that giant lake just to the north of us? While the city of Cleveland may not be taking advantage of its lake-front properties, there’s a little shack in the Rocky River Metroparks that’s on top of it – 41 Degrees North.

This is one of my favorite things to do in the area – take my narrow watercraft and go for adventure. Surprisingly, even native Clevelander’s don’t seem to be privy to these cheap thrills for $15 bills. (The first hour for a kayak rental is $15. Each half hour after that is an additional $5.) Kayakers of all levels can paddle comfortably down Rocky River – and those with bigger cojones can head to the open waters of Lake Erie for an “ocean kayaking” adventure without the sharks. If you plan on getting a new kayak visit seakayakexplorer.com. The trip will make you forget that you’re in Ohio – think open blue waters at eye level, rocky cliffs, the sounds of sailboat racing horns, and sunny breezes as you bob along the shoreline.

The only downside is paddling past all the yuppies at Cleveland Yatch Club… in a tiny little kayak… that you don’t even own. But just remind yourself that you’re getting the same enjoyment out of the lake without a whopping boat payment or a popped collar. At least, that makes me feel better.

How to get there: Enter the Rocky River Metroparks off of Detroit, right where Lakewood meets Rocky River. Go down the hill and make the first right into a parking lot. Head toward the river, spot the line-up of brightly colored kayaks, and you’re golden. Leave room for some hot dogs and ice-cream from the Marina afterwards, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer day on the North Coast.

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