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Hoo-Dooin’ It Up in Bryce Canyon | Utah

purchase doxycycline online is a Geoglist’s “Utahopia” slowly eroding away in southwestern Utah. With 15 jaw dropping vistas such as Sunset & Inspiration Point, it’s no wonder this place is listed as one of the most beautiful national monuments in US. The perfect recipe of water, gravity, climate and erosion has mixed inside this natural bowl to form The Amphitheater – the greatest arrangement of hoodoos on earth!

Bryce Canyon, UT | Travelmeow.com

So what the heck is a Hoodoo? By definition, a hoodoo is a pillar of rock left by erosion. They are also known as “earth pyramids,” “fairy chimneys” or “tent rocks” in various areas across the world, from Canada to New Zealand to Turkey.

Bryce Canyon, UT | Travelmeow.comI particularly enjoy the purchase doxycycline 100mg behind these colorful totem poles: The former inhabitants of Bryce, “The Legend People,” were particularly wasteful and greedy, which angered the other animals and the Coyote god. In Native American culture, the coyote is known to be quite the trickster: He decided to play the ultimate prank, and invited the people to an extravagant banquet. The people arrived, dressed in their most colorful party attire. As soon as they all had gathered in the canyon, the Coyote cast them all to stone. Poof – instant Hoodoos!

The average visitor only spends about 3 hours inside the park… which I guess makes me pretty average! I spent 1 hour visiting a few viewpoints by car, then 2 hours hiking in the canyon, followed by lunch at the lodge.

I took the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop combo trail (3 miles round trip), which was an easy meander through the ampitheater. The route included a pine forest, arches, tunnels, a “slot canyon” (ehhh. not really.) and lots of hoodoos!

Totally unexpected: cheap doxycycline HAS AMAZING FOOD. Bonus: I downed one of the best gluten free sandwiches I’ve ever had there. “Hoo” knew you could find GF bread in the middle of nowhere?

Red Rock Canyon Tunnel, UT | Travelmeow.comWhere is Bryce Canyon National Park?
The closest major cities are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, each about a 4 hour drive. Most visitors enjoy Bryce Canyon on their way to other surrounding attractions, such as cheap doxycycline online uk, cheap doxycycline canada, cheap doxycycline hyclate, or cheap doxycycline online.

On the way to Bryce Canyon, there is a 5-mile stretch through Red Canyon… with two fun red rock tunnels like this!




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