Bandon, OR

A Secret Coastline Treasure

Bandon, OR | Secret Coastline Treasure

Bandon, OR | Secret Coastline Treasure

July 17, 2014 // In Oregon

Welcome to Bandon, a small fisherman’s town on the Oregon coast… forgotten, or perhaps never found in the first place.

… Where distressed buoys are vividly colorful against a faded grey marina…
… Where summer sea breezes chill you to your core. Hats & mittens required – even in August.

Bandon, OR |

Bandon, OR |

… Where seagulls swarm, and starfish come and go as they please on an endless beach of boulders. The air is misty and soft – soothing on the eyes and the soul. The scene slowly begins to fade with the fog. The ocean blends into the sky, and the world becomes pastel grey and edgeless. Infinite.

If these waters were teal, this beach would rival the Mediterranean’s shoreline of luxury destinations… but Bandon’s icy winds keep tourists at bay. Because Bandon is for locals – For fisherman, for hermits, for writers and artists. For cranberry boggers.

The chilly serenity and Jurassic forests offer solitude for creatives to flourish – Creatives like Ken Ayers, who shapes masterful bronze sculptures from the sea kelp and driftwood the Pacific leaves behind.

Bandon, OR |

The road to Bandon is beautiful and just as full of secret treasures. Most notably, I enjoyed my pit stop 1-hour south at the mouth of The Rouge River. I sipped the best Mayan Mocha to ever touch my lips between photographing this amazing abandoned shipwreck. Someday soon I will return – the whitewater jetboat tours were calling my name.

The Rouge River, Oregon |


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